Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

This page contain information about the legal terms and conditions on which we sell our products. The terms of this page apply for any purchase made through our site. You will be asked to agree to these terms before any purchase from our site can be made. So please, read the following terms carefully and make sure you understand them before placing an order. We may update these terms from time to time. The terms listed here at the time of placing an order will always apply.

Terms that always apply

Information about Levate

Levate Aps
Tåsingegade 5, 4.th
DK-2100 København Ø
E-mail: contact@levatewraps.com
CVR-nr: 3858 2666
Tax number: DK-38582666
Estabilshed: 2017
Phone: 004560615735

Payments and Orders

All prices listed on our includes all taxes that you will be charged upon checkout. Orders from within the European Union include 25% Danish VAT. If your shipping address lies outside the outside the European Union you will not be charged any VAT upon checkout.

You may pay be either Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. All credit card payments are handled securely by ePay. The funds will be withdrawn from your account two business days after purchase. We usually ship goods on the day of purchase, unless the payment is for prepaid or custom made goods.

If you pay by card we accept the following currencies: EUR, DKK, GBP, SEK, NOK and USD.

You will receive an order confirmation from us as soon as we receive and accept your order.

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Your parcel will be shipped from us within 1-3 working days after payment. You will receive a tracking ID when the parcel is handed to our courier. Transit times varies according to country normally 3-7 days must be expected.

Return and exchange policy

We hope you’ll love your new Levate wrap, but if you change your mind you’re welcome to return any purchase within 14 days of delivery. Any returned item must be in its original packaging and with all tags intact. Wraps that has been washed, ironed and/or put to use can not be returned. We appreciate if you notify us before returning an item. Please, always attach a copy of the invoice when returning goods.

You will cover the shipping costs for returning your item. It is your responsibility that the package arrives safe to us. Please consider using a trackable shipping service or purchase a shipping insurance. We are unable to refund an order before it has arrived with us nor if it is soiled or in any other way damaged during return-transport.

We do not cover any cost you may be charged for returning an item, unless the product is flawed, covered by the warranty or if a mistake has been made.


As customer, you have 24 months of warranty. This means you can have your purchase repaired, exchanged or fully/partially refunded depending on the situation. To use the warranty the complaint must be justified and the defect should not have arisen as a result of improper use of the product or any damaging behaviour.

A defect is a flaw that has been present at the time of delivery. This is typically fabrication and/or material defects. Damage to the product due to malfunction, handling errors, modification and/or misuse by the user is not covered by the warranty. Goods must be returned with a copy of the invoice or confirmation showing the date of purchase of the product.

You should claim your warranty within “a fair amount of time”, after you discover the defects. Any warranty claims within two months after the defect has been discoveredv will always be considered to be ok. As mentioned above, we’ll fully/partly cover the return shipping if the warranty claim is fairly justified otherwise you must cover the return shipping. You are always welcome to contact us to arrange the process.

Damage made to the product caused by misuse and/or alternations made by you is not covered by the warranty. This warranty does not cover common wear and tear caused by repeated use of the product.

Please, always attach a copy of the invoice when returning goods.

Safety and the use of woven wraps

Levate Wraps cannot in any way be held responsible for any damage that may occur to anybody using this wrap – this includes the person carrying and the person being carried. Levate Wraps cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by misuse of this product.

By purchasing any of our wraps/slings/babycarriers you agree that you’ve contacted a local sling consultant or in other ways obtained proper information about safe babywearing. The person who carries another person is always responsible for proper use.


All of your shipping and billing informations is stored on servers, which are hosted by a third party. We also use third party-solutions for printing shipping-labels. Your information is always safe and we will never share, sell or hand it to any service that we do not use to efficiently handle orders. You should never share your password with anybody; not even us, PayPal staff or anybody claiming to need this. You may at any time contact us, to have your data deleted. However, we cannot delete invoices and order confirmations.


We use a number of cookies to enhance your experience with our site. You’ll be notified about this usage upon your first visit. By using our site we assume that you are OK with this.

Terms that apply if you rent wraps


Levate Aps
CVR: 38582666
Tåsingegade 5, 4th
2100 København Ø
Hereafter referred to as just Levate


Customer id
Payment address
Phone number
Chosen deliverypoint

Hereafter referred to as subscriber.

Order date

The day you place an order

Desired delivery date

The day your first Levate wrap will be delivered

Return date

The day you must return the wrap to us

The products

From the delivery date, both parts agree to the terms and conditions stated here. The terms here, describe how the subscriber can use Levate’s products.

Levate reserves the right to have sold out products. In case a product is sold out, the subscriber will be contacted with the intent of finding a replacement product.

The usage period

The usage period runs from the delivery date until last possible return dage.
The period of usage can be extented by contacting Levate.

The right of property

Levate’s products covered by these terms and conditions are the property of Levate. The subscriber only holds the right of use. The subscriber is not allowed to sell, pledge or in any other way dispose of the products.


he subscriber can use the rented Levate product(s) throughout the period of usage. The products may only be used in situations for which the product is intended. The products may not be subject to unnecessary overload.  E.g woven wraps may only be used to carry babies/toddlers.

The products may not be changed or modified. However, the Subscriber is entitled – but not obliged – to make or at his own expense to make repairs deemed necessary by the Subscriber for use of the wrap and resulting from normal wear, provided that the wrap is not changed or converted. Any objections to the state of the delivered product or its quality can be addressed my contacting Levate.

Levate recommends that the subscriber wash rented products as little, as gentle and as environmentally as possible. The instructions for washing the products must always be followed. In addition, Levate recommends using detergent without perfume. Use of rinse aid is not permitted.

Care instructions or the like may not be removed from the wrap.

Delivery and replacement / final return of products

Shipping will take 1-3 business days after payment has been received. The products are shipped with GLS and the subscriber will receive a track-and-trace number when the package is handed to GLS. Delivery to a GLS pickup-point  is included in the price.

The subscriber can always swap wrap during the usage period. If the subscriber wishes a new wrap, please send an email to Levate. There is a charge of DKK 100 in the freight fee at the turnover. The fee covers shipping costs for delivery of the new wrap and for the return of the old one. The returned product can be shipped back to Levate in the packaging of the newly delivered product. The included return tag must attached to the outside of the return packaging before return shipping.

When the subscription expires, the subscriber must return the products to Levate. The subscriber must pay the return fee. The subscriber is responsible for the products until transfer to Levate. Packages are not received per. cash on delivery.

Duration and termination

This User Agreement is valid from the delivery date to the last possible return date, unless the subscription is otherwise terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions.

The Subscriber may terminate the User Agreement with Levate with one month’s notice. If the entire usage period is paid at one time, the amount of the remaining period will be repaid with the same form of payment used for the original transaction.


The price of renting a wrap is 50€ or 349 DKK per month.


The subscriber pays by debit card on the website for the entire subscription period when ordering.


The subscriber holds the right to cancel the purchase of the Levate subscription within 14 days after the day the subscriber (or one of the subscriber’s designated 3rd party) has picked up the wrap. If the subscriber wishes to cancel the purchase, the subscriber must notify Levate by e-mail or before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

Follows of cancellation

If the Subscriber uses his right of withdrawal in time, Levate reimburses the full amount charged by the same method of payment used for the original transaction. Levate may withhold payment until the goods are in Levate’s custody, or the subscriber can document the return of the goods.

The subscriber must return any product covered by the cancelled agreement to

Levate Aps c/o Nina Feldthaus
Tåsingegade 5, 4th
2100 Copenhagen East

Goods must be returned without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date on which the subscriber has informed Levate of the use of the agreement’s cancellation right. The deadline is met if the subscriber returns the wrap before the expiration of the 14 days withdrawal period.
The subscriber must pay the direct costs in connection with the return of the wrap. The subscriber is only liable for any deterioration of the products’ value due to handling other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics, and manner of the wrap.

Levate’s General Terms and Conditions apply to the User Agreement.


The Levate subscription is a circular universe, where community and trust are a prerequisite for the system to exist. It is important to take care of the products and return it as it is a prerequisite for the wrap to circulate to the next family. Your subscription includes a basic insurance covering everyday small accidents such as stains and “pulls”. If the wound is damaged, contact Levate immediately at contact@levatewraps.com.

If the Use Agreement is terminated by Levate or if it terminates as a result of the product being lost or damaged more than covered by the basic insurance, then the Subscriber is obliged to pay:

  • Any due unpaid claim, including overdue benefits plus accrued interest.
  • Compensation for losses that Levate may suffer as a result of the of the subscriber
  • In the event of termination of the User Agreement, the products shall be returned to Levate.
  • In case the products are returned to Levate, compensation is calculated according to the current price list.
  • In case the products are not returned to Levate, compensation is calculated according to the current price list.

If amounts that the subscriber is obliged to pay is not paid according to Levate’s claim, Levate initiates a collection process against the subscriber via the court of law. The fee and additional costs incurred by this collection process on Levate are imposed on the subscriber.

Levate’s responsibility

Levate has reviewed the products before shipment and thus stands for their quality and condition.

After returning the Levate products, the Levate will check the returned to determine whether the products have been returned in their entirety and whether the condition continues to comply with Levate’s quality requirements so that the products may be made available to a new subscriber.

Where the products have been used earlier, Levate will ensure that the products before delivery have been cleaned / cleaned in an environmentally sound manner. Levate thus means that the products on delivery always appear completely clean and ready for use.


The subscriber is obliged to maintain, wash and store the products in accordance with what the washing instructions and the usual handling and use of the product imply. The products must not be exposed to greater deterioration than those resulting from normal wear and tear.

The subscriber’s responsibility for the products

The subscriber carries the risk of the products from delivery and until the time the products are returned to Levate. If the products have been broken or lost, the subscriber shall immediately inform Levate.

The subscriber is not responsible for normal wear and tear during normal use of the products. However, the Subscriber may be held liable if the products are broken as a consequence of the misuse. Including, but not limited to, cases where the products have been used as cleaning tools, for example as a cleaning cloth, floor mat or the like.

If the product has been damaged due to improper care, the subscriber must replace the product. The damaged product must be returned to Levate. If the damaged product is not returned, compensation will be calculated based on the current pricelist.

If the product or any part thereof breaks or is lost during the usage period, the subscriber must contact Levate immediately by mail.

Violation of the User Agreement

Levate may terminate the User Agreement with immediate effect if the Subscriber fails to fulfill obligations as described in the User Agreement. Levate may also demand compensation from the subscriber for the loss that Levate may suffer as a result of the subscriber’s behavior. Situations that may cause Levate to Terminate the user agreement may be:

  • The subscriber repeatedly neglects to maintain the products
  • The subscriber does not return all or part of the product
  • The subscriber resells, pledges or otherwise disposes of the products in violation of the User Agreement

Before Levate may terminate the User Agreement, the Subscriber shall have the opportunity, within a period of at least 14 days, to rectify the circumstance that constitutes the material breach. However, this only applies if the circumstances by its nature can be restored.


Levate collects only personal data necessary to deliver the products to the subscriber. Shipping addresses are stored on servers hosted by third parties, as delivery of the products is handled by third parties. Levate never transfers or resells personal information to third parties. Personal data is stored unencrypted.


Levate is entitled to transfer the products and all rights under the User Agreement and the terms of third parties, eg to a buyer of the company. Such transfer does not exempt Levate from Levate obligations to the Subscriber under the User Agreement or these Terms.

Force majeure

Levate is not responsible for failure to comply with the User Agreement or the conditions caused by events beyond Levate’s reasonable control.


If the subscriber wishes to appeal against Levate, the complaint may be filed with the Consumer Complaints Board.

Change of terms

These terms and conditions are effective from 6 November 2018.

Levate reserves the right to change the terms at any time. Changes will appear on Levate’s website. The subscriber is therefore encouraged to visit www.levatewraps.com on a regular basis and to advise on any changes.

If Levate makes significant changes to the terms, Levate will notify the subscriber of the email address provided by the subscriber to Levate. Changes to the Terms and Conditions may not enter into force in relation to the Subscriber until 3 months have elapsed from notification of the changes and when the Subscriber has expressly agreed to it to Levate. If the subscriber does not accept the changes to the Terms, the User Agreement will terminate and Levate’s claims against the Subscriber will be calculated based on the current price list.