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96% Organic cotton, 4% Kapok. 225 gsm.

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Our philosophy

Levate is a hobby. Something we do on the sides of our day jobs because we really want all parents to experience the joy of wearing your baby. We believe the best thing you can give your child is closeness and we believe in sustainable wraps in pretty colours and simple patterns.

Because Levate is our hobby we never make the same thing twice to keep it fun. We do not believe in mass-production and we never have sales.

There’s enough crap in this world already and we’re sure you’ll love your new Levate just as much regardless of ‘this seasons colours’. 

Our story

I fell in love with babywearing in the fall of 2016. Baby K was a few weeks old when I wrapped her for the first time and it instantly felt “right”. My first baby wrap was in many ways perfect for a beginner, but it was never love. The design of the wrap didn’t make me feel beautiful, chic or fashionable – more like the opposite. That, combined with having a hard time figuring out how to balance the “old” me with my new role as a mom, made me sad when leaving the house while wearing.

I soon found myself searching the Internet for a wrap that looked as good as wearing baby K felt. Picky as I am, it turned out to be quite a challenge and one day Hansotto said “Why don’t we just make our own?”. Despite no previous experience with the fashion industry and no long-lasting desire to run a business, Levate was born. We strive to make timeless wraps designed by young Danish designers in Nordic colours that match a modern living.
The fairy tale of Levate has just begun do you want to join?

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Nina, Hansotto & baby K
August 2017