Let’s save a shop, shall we?

Ever since we founded Levate, we have known that this is something we do for passion and not millions. So far, we’ve been right on that point at least.

Knowing that we could not compete on quantity and price, we have decided to do things differently. High danish quality, small productions, and not giving in to the whole season-thing which the fashion industry is trying to sell you are some of our rules. And we do not make sales is another. However, we’ve always had good deals for those of you who turn up to events like @slyngemessen@thewrapshow@danskbaerefestival and our own events.

Fortunately, we’ve not taken such a hard punch as others have, recently since we basically run everything from our private apartment. But there are no doubts that hardworking entrepreneurs are struggling these days. These are the people behind the counters in the shops you pass by when you’re out strolling. These people have their livelihood, their life work and their passion threatened by the current situation.

We know we are just a small business, but this is what we can do to save one of the local shops that we truly admire… On Thursday (19/3/2020 at 10.00am), we’ll have a virtual sale together with @baerebarn_dk. The wraps that are currently on our site will be discounted and second grades, prototypes and a few preloved ones will be added. We know we’re probably not saving the world here, but this is what we can do. We encourage you to spread this to all of your friends who could be interested in this. The sale will last for one hour.