Size guide

Our woven wrap size guide for a great first experience with babywearing

Confused? Here are our recommendations.

Confused about which size of wrap to buy? First of all, we totally understand you. Secondly, it is important for us to stretch that these are just our recommendations based on our own previous experiences. Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose, what people refer to as, your base size. That is the wrap-size that you’ll need to comfortably tie the most basic carry: the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC).

Is my Baby’s age important?

Short answer: In most cases, no. A question we often hear is “my baby is x months old, which size should I have?”. From our experience, your base size does not depend much on the age of the baby, but more on your size. However, our personal experience is that we had to increase our base size by one as Baby-K turned into Toddler-K.

Get hands-on experience.

Getting hands-on experience is never wasted and always recommended. It could be, that you know someone who has a wrap already? In that case, ask if you can try it and see how it feels. Otherwise, there may be a local sling-community in your neighborhood where you’ll have a good chance of finding something to try. Also, be aware that the length of wraps tagged as the same size can vary between manufacturers and releases. Therefore, if you try a wrap that you like, we recommend to measure its actual length and not just noting the size.

Your sizexs-ss-m-ll-xl
Carrying a baby567
Carrying a toddler678

Are you inbetween sizes?

If you’re waving between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the longer one. This will give you a little more fabric to work with while learning to get that knot in place, and if you’re feeling brave you can easily practice carries that require less fabric. However, having too much fabric can also be a burden, so don’t just think the longer the better.  Remember: no one determines your base size apart from you – always pick what feels right for you! 

And as always: you’re always more than welcome to ask us anything. We’re here and we would very much like for you to have the best experiences with babywearing.

Buy something you like

If you think all of this is still very confusing we have our number one tip

Buy something you think is pretty

You can spend countless hours looking for a wrap with the just the “right” GSM and the perfect size, but at the end of the day – if you don’t think it’s pretty you probably won’t use it. Therefore, buy something you’ll wear with pride then chances are you’ll have lots more fun, and you’ll learn everything there is to learn along the way.