Our first release, Echina is a woolen wrap with a warm melange pink weft on an ecru warp.
Inspired by the herbal flower Echinacea, we hope this woolen beauty will provide lots of warm cuddles to keep cold away. The shimmering pink changes from a light pink in daylight to an almost dark red in the twilight of autumn afternoons.
Echina is composed of 8% wool (non-itching), 45% cotton and 47% combed cotton and weighs app. 320 gsm.

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47% Combed cotton
45% Cotton
8% Wool
Weigth: app. 320 gsm

Care instructions:

Wash at 30 degrees Celsius in machine (wool program) or by hand, using a detergent suitable for wool. Hang dry, no tumble dry. Iron on low heat if necessary.

Size and price:

Size 2 (post wash/pre wash app. 270cm/280cm) – 285€
Size 3 (post wash/pre wash app. 320cm/331cm) – 300€
Size 4 (post wash/pre wash app. 370cm/390cm) – 315€
Size 5 (post wash/pre wash app. 420cm/445cm) – 330€
Size 6 (post wash/pre wash app. 470cm/500cm) – 345€
Size 7 (post wash/pre wash app. 520cm/535cm) – 360€
Size 8 (post wash/pre wash app. 570cm/610cm) – 375€

Prices include 25% Danish VAT and shipping within the EU. Sipping outside of EU is subject to a surcharge of 20€