1600 DKK

Disguise is the perfect discrete-luxury wrap. The blue-grey colour makes this wrap just perfect for jeans, the low-contrast makes this wrap a perfect match for the parties of the summer (and the winter). The bourette and tussah silk provide an incredible grip to this wrap, making it stay put!



38% Organic cotton
37% Silk (tussan and bourette)
25% wool
Weight: app. 310 gsm

All wraps must be washed before first use.
Please check your wrap for flaws before you wash it, as we cannot return washed wraps.

Care instructions
Wash at 30 degrees Celsius in machine (wool program, MAX 600 SPIN ) or by hand, using a detergent suitable for wool. Hang dry, no tumble dry. Iron on low heat if necessary.

Size and Price:
Size 3 (pre wash app. 315cm)
Size 4 (pre wash app. 365cm)
Size 5 (pre wash app. 415cm)
Size 6 (pre wash app. 465cm)
Size 7 (pre wash app. 520cm)
Size 8 (pre wash app. 575cm)

Additional information

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