A GSM guide

Our woven wrap gsm guide for a great first experience with babywearing

What is GSM?

Another thing that you’ll find yourself wondering if you’re new to babywearing is that wraps are usually categorized by something referred to as GSM. GSM stands for “Grams per Square Meter” and it gives you an indication of the weight of the wrap. 

What is GSM good for?

Since GSM is a measure of a wrap’s weight,  you can use the gsm to find something that suits your practical needs. For instance, if you’re new to the babywearing and want a great first experience, you would probably want something that’s a little bit more forgiving and easy to work with than a very heavy and thick piece of fabric – that is you may want to go for a lower GSM. However, as your child grows older it may be more comfortable to use wraps of higher GSMs, as the denser wraps usually distribute the weight a bit more and they can also be a bit more pillow-ish on your shoulders.

Which GSM should I use?

As you may have already noticed, there’s not really a strict guideline here. Everything has to do with personal preferences and what your practical needs are. If you’re just looking for our recommendations you can use the following rule of thumb to picking the right GSM for you.

When carrying an infant (0-6m)

Go for GSMs up to 270

When carrying a toddler (6-12m)

Go for GSMs between 250 and 300

When carrying a toddler (+12m)

Use whatever GSM you like. As a rule of thumb: 
Go for GSMs up to 300 when carrying in double layer carries.
Go for GSMs above 300 in single layer carries.

Don’t panic

Please remember that all of the above is only half the story and there’s always another side to things. As you grow your experience with babywearing many of these things will become more natural to you. Experienced babywearers can also argue that you can use lower GSM wraps in e.g double layer carriers which could help you remedy some of that heaviness, but this guide is intended to give you a down-to-earth introduction to GSMs and get you started without losing your head in all of the available options.